The Online Trainning icludes Training, a Practice Exam, a Certificate of Completion and a redeemable Voucher to take the ANSI-Accredited Exam.

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We are a company that offers a variety of services within the food industry marketplace, our services are designed to properly train people in the safety and management of food in the  workplace. 
Thanks to the Learning Management System (LMS), we were able to create a digital online E-Learning program geared to be used from any where in the world by anybody who would like to certify their existing knowledge and/or their new  acquired learnings through our remote online trainings.

Online Training

With our better quality audiovisual didactic teachings in today’s market, we prepared our classes utilizing animated videos in order to offer a more effective learning experience  for our students.

We created this training with you on mind and we picked the best option for our students so they can feel most comfortable and confident at the time they will be taking the State Exam.

Our goal is that our students will be able to master the information we provide them with, retain that information, apply it at the workplace, at home and remember it  so that they can successfully take the State Exam and be Certified.

The Online Training program contains 10 Modules and each module is complemented by additional related learning information from YouTube videos and PDF material to download, in adition to the didactic training videos.

Please Note: Our program should be thought of as an intense and comprehensive introduction to prepare yourself for the more detailed ANSI-Accredited Course Exam. Our expectation is that you will be able to cover the whole training program IN-DEPTH and SECCESSFULLY take the ANSI exam. Of course, there is no guarantee of passing unless, you follow the instructions to the letter and practice with our exam after you finish our TRAINING program. You will also be provided with a voucher number so that you can take the State approved exam and officially be certified by the State.

If you are working within  Houston City limits, please let's know since the City has Special Instructions , fees and an additional steps to follow.

Take State Exam Now!

The ANSI-Accredited Exam is a Multiple Choice Questions exam format. (MCQ) . Our practice exams are also MCQ format so that you will familiarize yourself  with this type of exam format and be able to pick the right answer from a group of  four possible choices where only one key answer is the right answer to the question. 

Students who have taken our Online Training program and exam should be able to take the State exam in order to get the official Food Safety Manager or Food Safety Handler Certification as the case may be.


Services that may interest you !!!

Our services include signed contracts for Food and Safety Consulting and representing clients before the Regulatory Government Agency for new construction and remodeling of existing food dealer buildings such as restaurants, food markets and mobile food units (MFU), starting with plans, permits and license applications.

Pre-opening inspections and audits, general inspections and monthly or quarterly evaluations

We develop and implement custom written HAACP plans for Seafood, Retail Meat and Poultry, Refrigerated Foods in Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP) and train key employees on HACCP performance, implementation and compliance with the FDA, USDA, STATE and CITY requirements

We also provide online personal coaching for students who need special training due to language barriers or lack of internet experience. Classroom training  is also available upon request and availability.                                                                           

For this services you can Contact Us via chat by clicking on the chat widget of the website specifying the type of service you need and we'll reach out to you the same day! 

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